Palmer Distinctive Dentistry

Are you looking for holistic dental care? Somewhere that puts the utmost importance on your oral health and smile goals? Look no further! Our next sponsor is the place for you.

Palmer Distinctive Dentistry!

It's at Palmer that you will find yourself getting individualized treatment. Treatment that helps the whole person and not just a set of teeth.

Check out their website and meet the dentists!

Your Milk Shoppe

When it comes to pregnancy and birth often times parents worry about baby. Are the baby clothes in order? Is the nursery done?

But our next sponsor Your Milk Shoppe puts the focus back on the mother and families as well. 
Your Milk Shoppe offers affordable maternity services to mothers. Their site often mentions their goal which is to empower and lift up moms by assisting them in planning for their new arrival, and providing them with many helpful tools and resources along the way.

Check out some of the services Your Milk Shoppe can provide you!

The 4th Trimester

Why can’t I put him down? Why is he only happy in my arms and on my chest? I can’t even get a quick shower without him crying!

These are some of the few things I have said to myself over the past 6 weeks. I feel like the moments I have without my 6 week old in my arms are so rare, that I don’t remember what it feels like to not be holding him. I feel horrible about complaining, but sometimes I just need to not be touched for a moment. I just didn’t understand why he was so attached! You’ll hear from others to just let them cry, that they want to be held because you are spoiling them and giving in.

That is just not true at all. Babies don’t spoil. 

That still leaves the question, why do they want to be held so much?

Have you heard of the fourth trimester? I hadn’t. I mean, I had heard about it a little with my daughter, but quickly forgot about it as she got older and needed to be held less. So when my son came, and it was the same thing all over again, it was not the first thing that came to mind. I immediately wondered, what am I doing wrong? Am I not producing enough milk? Am I starving him? WHY! WHY! WHY!

It took me talking to another mom, well, more like ranting to another mom, to be reminded of the fourth trimester. (I highly recommend mommy groups by the way. Being a part of them and finding mommy friends has been a life saver for me, with my daughter and now even more with my son.) 

So, the fourth trimester, what is it? 

Well, your sweet little bundle of joy has spent the last 9 months cozied up in your belly. It was nice and warm. It was dark. They could hear the swooshing of the fluids that protected them, and most importantly, they could hear your heartbeat. So, when they are born, are we suppose to expect them to just be ok with being shoved into a bassinet by themselves in a cold, bright, silent room? How would you feel about your environment being suddenly changed? I’m sure it would take you a bit to acclimate if you were suddenly uprooted from your warm, beach chair in Florida and shoved into the snow in Antartica, right? We can’t expect them to do that either. 

The fourth trimester is time for your little one to adjust to the outside world, while still feeling safe. The world is a loud, bright, cold place and being held on your warm chest where they can hear the heartbeat that has been music to their ears for the past 3 trimesters is where they feel that. I know it can be frustrating, believe me. I have to remind myself daily as to why they feel they need to be held all the time. Just remember that they are only this small for a very tiny amount of time. It may seem like the days are long because all you have done is feed, hold, and change your baby, but before you know it they will be one and won’t want your snuggles as much. 

So hold your baby close. Sit on the couch with a bottle of water, snacks and a good book or TV show and soak in those cuddles. Smell the sweet newborn scent. Let those tiny fingers wrap themselves around yours. Let their cheek rest against your chest so they can listen to your heart. Try not to let the household chores stress you out. (If you are like me, and can’t let the house be put on hold, try babaywearing. Let them be held close to you, while you do your daily tasks. Don’t compromise their needs for your wants. The house really can wait.) 

They need you. He needs me. 

I will miss these days, just like I miss them with my now two year old. It feels like just yesterday she was attached to me as I complained to my friends that I couldn’t get anything done. I miss it. So for now, I will soak baby boys cuddles up. Let them take me over. I don’t want to miss it. Don’t miss these moments with yours.

LifeLogic Health Center

LifeLogic, not only is it a health center but they are also a sponsor of this year's Upstate Birth and Baby Expo!
LifeLogic prides themselves in finding real solutions by utilizing traditional and alternative methods of treatment. It's here that you will find your health restored by Chiropractic and holistic care, dietary modification, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements, and functional neurology. 
Treatments in this health center are tailored to you as the individual! Have doctors left you without answers? Let LifeLogic help you to unlock those secrets to your health and help you feel the difference.
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Babies R Us

Lets talk about Baby's R Us! Have you been?

As you walk in the doors of Baby's R Us you are walking into paradise on an Island of all things baby and child! Strollers, jumpers, full nursery sets, you name it! Baby's R Us always has great incentives to having a registry with them and let's not forget the scan gun they give you when you go inside to set it up. You will have a blast walking through and seeing all the best gadgets and adorable baby clothes.

Check out this sponsor of the Upstate Birth and Baby Expo!

Upstate Parent

Are you a parent in the upstate? Well this next sponsor of this year's Expo is for you! Upstate Parent!
I know, makes sense right?!

Upstate Parent is a great resource for family friendly community activities and information. You can find anything from parenting to health tips, movie reviews to local events. Need ideas for a birthday venue? Upstate Parent has your back. How about a date night? They got you covered there too. Need to wear your kid out because you need a nap too? Their site is the place to go!

See for yourself!

Parent Financial

Planning for your families future is one of the most important steps you can take for your children, but sometimes the financial aspect can be daunting.

Let Parent Financial, one of this year's expo sponsors, help you on your way. They provide classes to help families plan for things like monthly budgeting, life insurance, college saving plans, retirement plans and more. The first class is not fee based since they want you to focus on building a solid foundation. You can't go wrong with giving them a chance to help you on your way.

Check them out and find a class near you at

The Children’s Medical Center

The mission at The Children’s Medical Center, one of the sponsors for the 2017 Expo, is to provide excellent patient care in a compassionate environment. They strive to serve as partners with parents to maintain wellness and develop healthy habits in youth.

They have four offices in the South Carolina upstate area. This distinction is an example of Children’s Medical Center’s dedication to meeting the needs of the community. They offer a total health experience to children from infant through college. The medical choices you make for your children are critical. As you make those choices, CMC wants you to have a clear understanding of their office and how they partner with families. Please visit their site and contact them for any additional information that may be helpful to you.

Upstate Specific Chiropractic

Dr. Megan Afshar with Upstate Specific Chiropractic is a sponsor of this years Upstate Birth and BabyExpo!

Dr. Afshar enjoys helping children and parents in the community begin the journey to healthy lives.
She uses her extensive chiropractic knowledge and expertise to find the cause of your condition, correct it and teach you how to prevent those problems.

Are you skeptical? That's okay. Dr. Afshar is
here to put you at ease immediately and show you how she can help! The atmosphere in Upstate Specific Chiropractic is comfortable and relaxing. You are immediately able to unwind and start your healing process. And lets not forget the adorable children's table
because children need adjustments too!

Hatched Traditional Midwifery Services

Have you thought about a home birth? The Upstate Birth and Baby Expo is your chance to learn more from one of our sponsors of this years Expo! We will be joined by our Upstate BirthNetwork chapter leader and owner of Hatched, Carrie LaChapelle!
She will be strapped with the knowledge of home birth to give you all the ins and outs.Carrie has been attending births for 17 years and has been a midwife for 10! With a passion to provide mother-baby friendly childbirth she tends to become more than just your health care provider but a friend. Lover of all things birth, mamas and babies, she is sure to leave a heart shaped imprint in your family. Come see for yourself!

Plus Size and Pregnant

Plus size and pregnant *GASP*

Husband and toddler in toe, I go to meet with a provider. They came highly recommended and had proven to be mother-baby friendly as per a local mom’s group. Ultrasound is perfect. “Congrats! You are for a fact pregnant.”

My oldest got to see and hear his baby brother for the first time. Not that he understands but it was such a sweet moment. Time to see the doctor so I go into the first area, almost like a triage for doctor’s offices. You know what I’m talking about.

Blood pressure, good.

Temperature, good.

Weight…..well you know where I’m going with this hence the first sentence.

The next step should be into a room, asked if I had questions, etc. I knew something was wrong when we were brought into an office. “I’m sorry but your BMI is not what it needs to be and we have no NICU at this hospital so you will have to go elsewhere.” I specifically remember her telling me that she can’t even give birth with her own practice due to her BMI.

But why do I need a NICU? Was there something on the ultrasound? Were my numbers off? Does my first baby’s labor and delivery not prove I can have a great birth? I’ll save you the suspense. It doesn’t. I was simply a number on a scale definied by my weight.

I was embarrassed. How can my husband still love me when I’m too big to even carry a child properly? How can my son love to cuddle this fat? I was happy and confident until that moment.

As a matter of fact it impacted my entire pregnancy. I didn’t want or get maternity pictures done and I may have only taken 1 or 2 pictures actually showing my belly.

Am I on my own? I can’t be. I’ll find someone. So I sucked up my pride and asked in the mom’s group again but including “…must accept an overweight woman”

The suggestions rolled in, but it wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted a place I would be heard, that my birth went my way. I NEEDED that place or person. I went to a birth and baby expo in search of options too afraid to talk about why to anyone. Good thing mama didn't raise a quiter! 90% of my free time was spent making call after call and each time the provider stated, "Sorry we can not with your BMI".




Wasn’t I getting this enough from mainstream media? Why is everyone trying to take away a special memory and journey that I should be celebrating?!

I won’t cry.

I won’t cry.

The search continued!

Oh wait, there is one someone mentioned, another local provider. Can I call? Is the no worth the pain and tears? I have no choice. What I didn’t know is that the voice on the other line would save me from feeling I was failing my unborn child even more. I explained the situation and when I heard “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” I knew I found her. My provider.

This moment was so critical. On the verge of giving up, on the edge of depression, I was brought back to reality. I cried. Full on ugly cry in the middle of the break room at work (luckily no one was there).

I can do this.

I have done it before!

I love my body and I should never doubt my capabilities no matter who says otherwise. Mommy is going to give you the best birth possible! I wanted to feel connected to this perfect body even more now.

I may be plus size but damn anyone who tells me I can’t have a healthy pregnancy and birth.

I did.


Dreckman Family Chiropractic

Meet Dreckman Family Chiropractic, one of the sponsors for his year's Upstate Birth and Baby Expo!

Dreckman Family Chiropractic of Simpsonville, SC is your source for advanced chiropractic care for patients of all ages. This family chiropractic practice is open five days a week with convenient appointments available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. so you can get treatment before or after work if your schedule is tight. Because they treat the whole family, you can rely on them for effective pediatric chiropractic care and prenatal care. Their goal is to treat the whole person, helping you reclaim your health and well-being.

Dr. Dreckman and his family have been a part of the Simpsonville community since 2011 and have already built a strong reputation for being the source of compassionate and effective "Chiropractic Care for the WHOLE Family!" Dr. Dreckman has also become an invaluable source for the Upstate birth community!

Stop by and visit them at the Expo and have all of your questions answered, or visit them at!

Greenville Midwifery Care

The Upstate is going to have the pleasure to have Greenville Midwifery Care at the Birth and Baby Expo this year!
Greenville Midwifery Care & Birth Center is a practice of certified nurse-midwives and affiliated with Greenville Health System. You will find they offer a full-scope midwifery services to clients within a system that allows for more specialized care when needed.

Midwives perform comprehensive physical exams and prescribe medications, including contraception. Greenville Midwifery Care provides quality and compassionate care for expectant mothers and women of all ages.

Come to the expo, visit their table, and get a chance to have your questions answered! In the meantime visit their site and take the virtual tour!

You are Not alone..

This is one of the hardest posts I think I have written…


I knew something was wrong almost immediately. I knew My Brain was not functioning properly, healthy. I knew it but I didn't.


It took me awhile to even recognize it. I didn't want to recognize it. I didn't want to label it. I didn't want to have it. I didn't want to go through it. I didn't want it to be me. I didn't want postpartum depression.


I have been tired, I have been downright drunk with exhaustion. I have been moody, hormonal and unbalanced. I had had 4 kids with otherwise “normal” pregnancies and postpartum. I had the world's best support and birth team. As a birth worker I was blessed to receive an incredible amount of love, support, companionship and compassion back from the community with Five. So it couldn't happen to me, right?

Five came into the world in the most magnificent way! I was surrounded by so much love and support. I had my amazing husband, my 4 crazy children, my sister whom I hadn't seen in over a year, my mother via Skype, 2 midwives, 2 chiropractors, 2 Apprentice Midwives, and one Jr. Apprentice who was witnessing her first birth. I need that at birth, I draw strength from it, from those around me. I need my tribe and I had it! And Girl, did I need it with Five’s birth.

When I look back at this image I can feel my disconnect and loneliness.
When I look back at this image I can feel my disconnect and loneliness.

When I look back at this image I can feel my disconnect and loneliness.

My tiny little bedroom was packed like a can of tear filled sardines as she was born. I brought her to my chest sat on the edge of my bed and felt…….....nothing…..and everything at the same time.

I was happy, this was a happy moment, I was excited she was finally here, excited she was a girl. Look everyone is happy, I am happy, this is a happy moment, I repeated in my head. Look at all these people, MY people, look at all this love and support I thought. But I felt alone, I felt numb, I just wanted someone else to hold her. I felt detached. Everyone kept saying how beautiful she was, everyone was happy.  I didn't think so and I was annoyed, flat out angry that these people who are some of the closet people to me were lying to me.

I can remember this moment, remember just holding her in my arms, loving her but feeling so far away.

I can remember this moment, remember just holding her in my arms, loving her but feeling so far away.

The next few days went pretty much the same. I loved her but I wasn't sure I liked her. I was convinced she Hated me. I was worried and paranoid that something was wrong with her. I knew there wasn't but at times I was convinced there was.

Days turned to a week and I didn't want to pick her up when she cried, I didn't want to nurse her or hold her. I thought what would happen if she just cried or I didn't hold her or nurse her. It would be fine, babies are fine if not picked up or held or fed...right? I pleaded with my 21 year old non-lactating, never been pregnant sister to just feed her for me. That can be done, right?!

Support goes a long way. She was my strength, even when I didn't know it.

Support goes a long way. She was my strength, even when I didn't know it.

I honestly do not know how things would have turned out during that week that turned into weeks had she not picked Five up, gave her to me to hold, and told me to nurse my baby. Support is essential!

It was in those weeks that I started to realize how I was feeling and what I was thinking wasn't healthy. That my body, my brain was not healthy. I didn't want to recognize it. I didn't want to label it. I didn't want to have it. I didn't want to go through it. I didn't want it to be me. I didn't want postpartum depression. I didn’t want to think about this “Dark, Terrible, Taboo” THING.



I knew I had to get these words out of me. I knew I needed to tell someone, anyone. WOW! Was sharing a scary thought!!

I sat there with my phone in my hand knowing I had to tell someone, my midwives, anyone.. I would work myself up to it but it was just so hard. How do you tell someone, anyone, these things? I knew they would understand, being a birth worker, I knew they would, I have seen them care for others in this situation. I have cared for others. But I just could not do it! I would type something out only to delete it.

I am not even sure how long it actually took me to finally say a small something. I know when I did it felt like the biggest accomplishment in my life. It was also nerve-racking and scary because the words were out now and someone knew. Waiting for a response was the longest half second of my life. I am not sure I moved or took a breath.

The response came back with nothing less than expected. Talk to me, let me help you, let's get some help here and there, how about we tell your husband too, I love you, I am here for you, you ARE going to be okay, this IS normal, you're NOT alone.

It took another few days to tell my husband and I think I had to tell him small bits in short intervals for a week before I was able to fully articulate proper words and sentences to him. Another hurdle, and for me I think a big turn a round. A feeling that I was going in the right direction to getting myself back.

Five is about to turn five months in a few short days and I am still not 100% myself. That's okay. I know I will be. I know I will have hard days following a great week. I know I might cry for no reason or be a bit snappy when not called for. But I know those moments will become fewer. I know I am supported, loved, normal and most importantly NOT alone. I know I can talk to others without judgement. I know I love my daughter, I know I will pick her up when she crys even if it's hard, I know I will hold her and nurse her. I know she is beautiful and full of smiles. I know she loves me. Even when I don't know theses things I KNOW them.


I am lucky, when I spoke up I immediately had support and was given resources. However, not all 1.3 million moms in the US annually are. Many will speak up only to be told to go somewhere else, others will be put on medication without any diagnosis, some ignored, and other will suffer silently. This doesn't have to be this way. We can do something about this. As providers we can find better ways to screen our moms and help give them access to information and resources. We as mothers can share our stories and not be ashamed any longer, not be alone anymore. We can hold a mother's hand look her in the eye and say I hear you, I am here for you, let's get some help, I love you.

I am so proud that this year's Upstate Birth and Baby Expo will have numerous resources, information, lectures, and a film on various topics of maternal mental health, and Postpartum Depression.

If you see me at the Expo and you just need that hug. I am there. You don't have to know me, you don't have to speak just know I am there to hold you.


With love and Support

  • Sarah