Mini Make & Take Workshops

We are excited to introduce our new Mini Workshops. These workshops are designed so that you can drop in at your convenience during the Upstate Birth & Baby Expo for a chance to learn, and create hands on! Each workshop can take anywhere from 5-20 minuses depending on what you create. Do one or do them all!! 

*While Supplies Last*

2018 Mini Workshops

Affirmation Banners:

Create a beautiful banner filled with positive affirmations for any occasion. The power of language is strong. When we use positive language we can choose to open ourselves up to new meanings and insight.  It allows us to focus on our goals and accomplishments. Affirmations cards, words, pictures, and banners are often used during a birth, in pregnancy or during the early postpartum weeks. However, they can be used for literally ANYTHING!! Join us in creating a banner that is centered around your needs. We will supply all you need for these banners, including some helpful affirmation ideas if needed.

Infant Massage:

Infant Massage has been used for hundreds of years to aid in the soothing of infants. It helps to calm a colic baby, sooth an upset tummy, aid in teething discomfort, and sleep. Bring your infant and learn some of these techniques in this helpful hands on workshop. Still Expecting and waiting on that infant to arrive? That's okay!! Join us in preparing for your little arrival by practicing on one of our provided dolls. Take home a helpful booklet so you can refer back to them whenever needed.

Nursing Necklaces:

Teething can be hard. Not only on baby but also on mom and dad. Make teething a little more enjoyable by creating a fashionable nursing necklace. These necklaces are worn by mom (although my husband and older children have been known to sport them too) and allow baby to have something to chew on or play with while being held or fed. 


Wondering what a Padsicle is? Well it's not something you eat. These are pads that are spritzed with soothing herbs, aloe, and witch hazel and frozen. They are placed on your bottom after a vaginal birth. They can be used right away or whenever you find comfort in them in the first few weeks!! Many find comfort in the cooling effect they have on the bottom, especially after a tear or suturing. Make some of these herbs in preparation of your upcoming birth.  We will provide the natural organic pads and spritz all you need to do is freeze them when you get home!!


Like Padsicles these herbs are uses after a birth. They are brewed and steeped like tea in a large pot. You can place the steeped herbs right into a bath or fill a Peri-bottle and squirted while sitting over the toilet or in the shower. The herbs aid in healing, cleansing and provide a soothing feeling. Join us in creating your own Peri-Herb 'Tea Bag' using a variety of helpful herbs.

Relaxation Bag:

This Relaxation bag can be taken anywhere and is great for an of life's more stressful situations. This Relaxation Bag is based the 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding technique. A technique used to ground and relax in moments of stress. How it works: Take a deep breathe and ... Look around for 5 things that you can see, and say them out loud; Pay attention to your body or near your body and think of 4 things that you can feel, and say them out loud; Listen for 3 sounds, say them out loud; Say 2 things you can smell; Say 1 thing you can taste. Using some of the 5 Senses you will create a personalized relaxation bag that grounds you in those moments and reminds you of the technique.

*While Supplies Last*

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